Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fabulous Mameshiba Adventures: Part 2 of 2

When last we left Brooke, she was fruitlessly trying to get her then-boyfriend to open a package of chocolate-covered coffee beans and find the mameshiba inside. Mameshiba, you'll remember, are weird Japanese bean-dogs that pop out of food and share disturbing trivia. I wish I could say this video explains everything, but it actually explains nothing and will probably leave you even more confused than you already were:

Note: There is an English-subtitled version, but it's a lot funnier when you have no clue what they're singing.

And now, I present Fabulous Mameshiba Adventures Part 2!

Erm, so yeah, epic battle in front of Caribou Coffee = strange looks. Yeah.

Anyway, I'm sorry this went up so late. I kinda fell out of love with this comic after awhile, but I'd already put up the first part, so I had to follow through. Later tonight, I'm going to post up a couple of older comics I drew earlier this year just to make up for the posting delay. And on the plus side, I have two more comics all queued up for this Tuesday and Thursday, and another one that's almost ready to be inked. Yayay productivity!

One more thing: Last night, I went to a fun-ass party at Raul's, and a bunch of people told me they'd read my work and like it. I can't describe how great it feels to know that people are reading these things, let alone liking them. So yay, thanks for reading!

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