Thursday, July 28, 2011

Terry Gross.

Haha, dig my awesome cropping job. Oh wellsies!

I'd just like to qualify that Terry Gross is one of my heroes, but that when I still commuted to and fro Roswell every day, it brought me immeasurable delight to scream out, "Terry Gross? More like VERY gross!" whenever "Fresh Air" came on. As working an office job tends to suck all the delight out of one's existence, I took it where I could get it.

Also, I'm updating again? We'll see how long this lasts once the semester comes a-callin', but whatever, I've been sitting on these drawings for like six months now, and it's time to do somethin' with 'em.


Godsauce said...

I just read all of these and this one is still my favorite. Comma Splice comics gets second place. The Mameshiba series takes third.

Godsauce said...

Of course, I left out a comma in the first sentence.

Brooke said...

Aww, thanks! And no worries about commas. I misspelled "insomnia" in one of my posts.